Institute for Leadership Training
July 29 - August 1, 2009 | Alexandria, VA


Thursday, July 30

9:30 am (repeated at 10:35 am)

1A. Emerging Leader Basics---Navigating the ACA Structure (Edison G)
» Handout (PDF)
» Presentation (PowerPoint)
1B. Staying Out of Hot Water: What Leaders Need to Know About Taxes, Laws and Business (Edison F)
» Test Your Knowledge (PowerPoint)
» Presentation (PowerPoint)
» Handout (PDF)
1C. Leading an Organization When You Have Little or No Staff (Currie)
1D. Building a Successful Organization by Exceeding Member Expectations (Edison E)
» Presentation (PowerPoint)
» Ways to Build a Successful Organization (PDF)
» Association Recruitment and Retention Score Card (PDF)

1:15 pm (repeated at 3:30 pm)

2A. Planning a Perfect Meeting (Edison G)
» Presentation for Leadership Training (PowerPoint)
» Sample RFP (PDF)
» Attrition Clause ILT (PDF)
2B. Professional Advocacy: Access Issues in Testing (Edison F)
» Presentation (PowerPoint)
2C. Social Media for Leaders: A Brave New World (Currie)
2D. Emerging Leaders Only---Tips, Strategies, and Preparing to Lead (Edison E)

Friday, July 31

2:30 pm (repeated at 3:30 pm)

3A. 20/20---A Vision for the Future of Counseling - A Roadmap for the Profession (Edison G)
Handouts will be distributed at the session.
3B. Risk Management for Counselors (Edison F)
3C. Collaborating with Your Branch Divisions to Maintain Professional Unity and Provide Services to Members (Edison E)
3D. Marketing on a Shoestring (Banneker)
» Presentation (PowerPoint)

(Updated August 11, 2009)