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Message from the Immediate Past Chair

By Terri Lonowski
Summer/Fall 2008

Terri Lonowski
ACAF Chair 2007-08
What a remarkable of possibilities realized! It has been an honor and privilege to lead a wonderful group of Trustees. These amazing colleagues are gifted and spirited professionals, who brought treasured talents to the governing process. Together, with your support, we have achieved much:

  • Through visionary hard work, a promising expansion of our collective reach is now articulated in a clear, persuasive, and compelling Case Statement. This serves as ACAF's strategic plan for the next five years. It is a story of where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going.

    The Case looks to the future of our counseling profession and suggests a new program to support ACA counseling professionals who wish to work with people who are marginalized or disenfranchised.

  • The ACA Conference donor recognition reception in Honolulu was a resounding success...and great fun! This special event was attended by over 360 people. It provided an opportunity to formally express our gratitude to current supporters, share our story with new friends, and eagerly accept donations. Please see the reception story on page 3 for more details on our very generous supporters.

    The reception also provided an important first, a donation from the Association for Counselors and Educators in Government (ACEG) in support of the ACA Foundation's work. You'll find additional details about this important gift on page 5. Receiving this gift was a particularly touching moment for me.

    Many other acts of generosity were experienced throughout the Conference and I am grateful for each of are those who will be impacted by these gifts!

  • ACAF continues to support students in graduate counseling programs by underwriting scholarships to the ACA Annual Conference, sponsoring the graduate student lounge and the ACAF Graduate Student Essay contest. This year ACAF provided scholarships to 30 deserving graduate students enabling them to attend the ACA Annual Conference.

    We also found the ACAF-sponsored Graduate Student Lounge at the Conference to be very popular. This year the Trustees and I spent considerable time at the student lounge, taking time to talk to the many graduate students in attendance.

    Several graduate students also came to the Recognition Reception and at least one (that I am aware of) even made a donation. His gesture left a lasting impression. And...I wanted to pass along this shining example of a quality young professional.

  • During my year as Chair, we had hoped to double participation in the Growing Happy and Confident Kids (GHCK) program, which last year was in 50 locations. I am thrilled to report we have more than tripled our reach and are in over 175 schools, community organizations and counseling centers.

    Our sights are now fixed on reaching 1,000 locations by 2013.

    The GHCK program provides books to ACA members, who work with elementary school children to address issues of self-esteem, understanding of emotions, coping strategies, and awareness and understanding of diversity.

  • In the months ahead you will learn more about The Second Century Challenge Initiative: Ensuring the Professional Excellence of Counseling endowment campaign. As we continue to stretch and improve the ACA Foundation, we are looking to engage a variety of leaders for their wise counsel and support.

    Three ACAF Past Chairs joined us in such an effort, resulting in a powerful exchange...and...fantastic ideas to put into action. Sage wisdom shared is dynamic!

  • If you read our winter 2008 edition of the newsletter, you'll remember that we reported on The Counselors Care Fund. This fund was designed to respond to counselors affected by natural disasters. It has provided almost $33,000 in grants since its inception after the Katrina and Rita hurricanes in 2005.

    Over ten new grants were awarded this year. Our visit to New Orleans affirmed the continued need!

  • To increase public awareness of the counseling profession and its benefits, the ACA Foundation continues underwriting the cost of Counseling Corner, a weekly column that is carried by almost 300 publications.

Thanks to you...we've made a difference!

The best is yet to come and the reach is further expanding.

Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.
~ As a Man Thinketh
James Allen

I count among my most cherished moments, those spent in meaningful service. My soul sings and a deep peace resonates, for this is the making of a good tomorrow...built upon the excellence of today.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for affording me the joy of serving and for touching so many with your generosity!

Warm Regards,
Terri Lonowski
ACA Foundation Chair 2007-08