Message from the Chair

Dr. José A. Villalba

Greetings from YOUR Professional Foundation,

On behalf of the 2014-2015 ACA Foundation Board of Trustees, let me extend to you a heartfelt "hello" and a genuine "thank you." Why the "thank you?" Because for some reason, you find yourself reading this "open letter" and wondering enough about the ACA Foundation to visit our homepage. So what is the ACA Foundation, and why is it "your" Professional Foundation?

First, what we are is more a collection of individuals and ideas coalesced around a common mission and vision than one particular "entity." As you can read on our "Mission and Vision Statements" link, the Foundation serves as a support to professional counselors and their professional practices and interests. This support comes in the tangible form of monetary awards, professional recognition, and advocacy for the profession. But it also comes from its presence; a presence that serves at the betterment of counselors and clients alike, in a variety of professional and community settings. Though we are most visible at the annual ACA Conference and Expo, either on the Expo floor or through our sponsoring of the National Awards Ceremony (and requisite "Talent Show"), we like to feel that our less visible efforts, such as the newly created Samuel T. Gladding Unsung Hero Award, best represent our commitment to the profession of counseling.

Second, we are your "professional" foundation because we are the one place where you know your charitable dollars will directly benefit the counseling profession. In fact, your contributions to the ACA Foundation go towards providing resources to counselors in need, providing tools to enhance the emotional literacy of children, recognizing outstanding counseling professionals, or supporting counselors-in-training in graduate programs, to highlight a few of our areas of focus. In other words, if you're interested in supporting newcomers to the profession or those "seasoned veterans," this is the place for you and your support. And because we know so many of you are asked to support so many different endeavors (alma maters, medical causes, societal concerns, etc.), the ACA Foundation wants you to know there is a place for you to support your colleagues and the counseling profession as well.

Thanks again for your interest in the ACA Foundation. We look forward to sharing new ideas and information on this website over the next year. We also hope to see you at the 2015 ACA Conference and Expo in Orlando, particularly the National Awards Ceremonyand Talent Show on Saturday, March 14th, 2015. Most importantly, we accept the challenge of working with you and for you on behalf of professional counselors and the communities they serve.


José A. Villalba, Ph.D.