Call for Proposals from the American Counseling Association Foundation

Overview: The American Counseling Association Foundation (ACAF) has initiated a call for proposals directed at counselors working with elementary school-aged children. Under the Growing Happy and Confident Kids (GHCK) program, the ACAF is soliciting applications from practicing counselors seeking financial support for funding interventions, initiatives, or outreach efforts directed at children in grades K-5. Specifically, the counselors’ work must be oriented toward increasing the emotional literacy of children and better equipping them to handle life’s challenges. Often times these “life challenges” manifest as bullying, prejudice, sexism, or academic-related stress.

Basic Criteria: To apply, you must be an active member of ACA upon submission (if a team is submitting, at least one applicant must be an ACA member) and you must currently be working in a community or school setting where the majority (>75%) of your caseload is with children in grades K-5. All applicants must respond to a formal set of questions and produce a preliminary budget for using the requested funds (See Appendix 1). Funding for each proposal is limited to $500.00.

Please be prepared to expend the entirety of your funds by Dec. 31, 2017 and submit a “final report” (See Appendix 2) summarizing the use of funds and, when applicable, outcomes related to the funded project. Your work may be highlighted by the ACAF as part of year-end reporting efforts, and you may be asked to provide a quote and/or photo.

Submit your application online by October 15, 2016 here.

Review of Application Procedures: Applications will be reviewed by a 3-member panel with experience and expertise in counselor education and counseling elementary school-aged children. All applicants will be notified of the panel’s decision by Dec. 1, 2016, and awardees will be notified and provided with instructions for receiving, expending, and completing the “final report” by Dec. 7, 2016. Finally, awardees will have two weeks from receipt of their award notification to accept the award, otherwise the funds will be diverted to unfunded “runner up” projects.

Funding Criteria: Under no circumstances are funds to be used as salary or compensation for anyone connected with the project (including participants or their families), nor can funds be used for applicants to participate in professional development opportunities. Funds are to be used exclusively for purchasing materials of an educational or therapeutic nature. The funders anticipate applicants to submit requests for: psychoeducational books, workbooks, and intervention materials; DVDs or related instructional resources; school counseling or therapeutic supplies for art or creative interventions; computer programs or computer apps specifically geared toward assisting children in dealing with life’s challenges or gain emotional literacy; manipulative or instructional toys to be used as part of play therapy techniques; and/or any items intended for direct use with elementary school-aged children. Funds cannot be used to purchase electronic hardware such as TVs, computers, laptops, tablets, medical equipment or other “big ticket items.” Furthermore, funds cannot be used to purchase psychometric supplies such as tests, instruments, scoring sheets, or electronic platforms or licenses related to psychoeducational testing. Finally, no more than 10% of the total requested funds may be used to purchase food supplies, and all food supplies must be directly related to the specific goals of the proposed project.

Questions? Please contact:

José A. Villalba, Ph.D., LPC, NCC
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty, Evaluation, and Inclusivity
Professor of Counseling
Wake Forest University
(336) 758-5840