American Counseling Association Foundation Offers Grants of Up to $500

The American Counseling Association Foundation is seeking proposals from American Counseling Association members for grants of up to $500.

The grants are available for projects that support the mission of the American Counseling Association Foundation and the American Counseling Association.

More information is available here.

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Growing Happy and Confident Kids

Special Initiative of the American Counseling Association Foundation

Young people today face innumerable challenges, possibly more than any generation before them. The world in which our kids grow and develop has been made fragile by threats both near and far.

In schools, competition to succeed, peer pressure, and aggressive behavior by bullies are representative of the many threats to individual success and self-esteem. At home, relationships can become tenuous or broken. In neighborhoods and communities, violence, gangs, substance abuse, and other problems are more prevalent than ever before. Finally, in the larger world, no child can turn on a television set and not witness crime, war, terrorism, and global unrest.


Counselors Care Fund - Helping Our Own

Assisting ACA Members and ACA Branch Organizations who are affected by disasters and tragedies.

It can happen at any time, to any counselor. A natural disaster or some other tragic event strikes and suddenly a counselor finds that he or she has lost almost everything. That's when the Counselors Care Fund is ready to help.

Originally created to respond to the many counselors who lost so much to hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the New Orleans area, the mission of the Counselors Care Fund has been expanded to allow it to help counselors anywhere and at any time when a tragic event has occurred.

Find out more about the Counselors Care Fund and about how you can help it fulfill its goal of counselors helping our own.